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Julia Channel: An eclectic and captivating woman.

During her professional career as an actress, from which she never hides, Julia Channel had to draw on all of her strength and determination. For the last fifteen years, her passion for music has been her driving force.

Julia has made an asset out of her mixed race heritage. Born of a Malian father and French mother, she has been able to draw upon this racial and ethnic diversity in her work. Her difficult childhood in the suburbs of Paris was softened by the passion of her father, an artist, and American Musicals of the 50’s. No cartoons for little Julia, rather all the films of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Added to this, the music of Stevie Wonder, The Platters, and Michael Jackson completed her artistic infancy. Her musical roots lie there.

Since the turn of the millennium, Julia has dedicated herself to Hip Hop; she is the face of the “Homecore” street clothing brand alongside Joey Starr. In 2001 she took over the reins of the television program “Hip Hop Channel” on the MCM network in France where she was perfectly at home. This position enabled Julia to perfom alongside the likes of Kaysha, Organiz’, Driver, Cutee B, Guy Waku and Fred Fraikin, Rene De Wael, and Bambi Cruz…… but Julia’s goal has always been to produce her own album.

Whilst waiting for the right time and to meet the right connections, Julia has kept herself very busy on other projects. She is a real adventurer in every sense of the word: she became the heroine of a comic strip of the “Girl Power” genre; she also started her own online dating site using the “created by women, for women” ethos. All this whilst retaining her own private “secret garden”, the role of a caring mother looking after her daughter.

In 2008, her meeting with Jerome Marron, the creator of the record label BeeCooL, enabled Julia to get into the studio to prepare “Colours”, her first album. Together they worked tirelessly to explore all the musical palettes so dear to Julia which define the feel of her album.

Following the sudden, unexpected death of Jerome just a few months ago, Julia did not give up. She decided to create her own record label, “Black Sheep Records”, in London, where she has lived for several years. She works with a select and cohesive team of composers, songwriters, photographers, graphic designers, and a label manager. She has become her own producer to continue with her musical project which takes her between London, the United States, and Paris.

With the collaboration of Big Ali, Varren Wade, Willy William and Lemarvin Harris and with mixing by Vernon Mungo, Julia Channel presents a rich and explosive album of which “Forever in a Day” is the first single.

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